😊 www.manton.org

Reacting to the news that Twitter is banning political ads, I’m announcing today that Micro.blog has…

My SO has just launched her new Art site - please help spread the word 😀 Karen Avey Art

Nice addition fastmail.blog

Looking for Gyroscope buddies for motivation 😊 gyroscope.app.link/UfRL7KjXq…

Congrats on the release - awesome app www.devontechnologies.com

DEVONthink 3.0 is Officially Here

Nice update blog.bear.app

Bear 1.7 is here with note Encryption, Bear Lock, Live Note Links, and more!

Fascinating read www.todayifoundout.com

Who was “Murphy” in “Murphy’s Law” and the Amazing Dr. John Paul Stapp Who Gave Us the Expression

Just finished this - terrific read 😊 📖 amzn.eu/hEP8sFI

I’ve only just realised you can drag and drop scanned documents from the Doxie Scanner App on the iPad to DevonThink To Go. Genius! Why didn’t I think of trying before, instead of exporting them all one at a time lol.

And why not? www.atlasobscura.com

Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships in Joensuu, Finland

Had a fun day at RAF Fairford flightsimulatornetwork.com/looking-f…

This is fantastic - final 13 minutes of landing of Apollo 11 uninterrupted overcast.fm

🎵Beautiful music.apple.com


The Apollo Astronauts Signed Memorabilia in Quarantine—as Life Insurance


DuckDuckGo’s Apple Maps integration now supports dark mode, re-querying, more

A bit late, but it was a fabulous day out

Neat 😊 arstechnica.com

Nintendo confirms portable-only, $200 “Switch Lite” for September [Updated]

Great episode of AppStories overcast.fm

Indeed blog.dropbox.com

The New Dropbox Sucks

Great read - and PiHole is one of my favourite applications - blog.codinghorror.com/an-exerci…

Some fantastic updates for the Fiery Feeds iOS RSS Reader. I particularly like the new built-in Read Later service and iCloud feed sync - no longer any need to use a third party service if you don’t wish to.

I just unlocked a new badge using Zero to track my fasts. Check out how you can start your fasting journey with Zero: www.zerofasting.com