Looks good. And awesome that it uses your existing Pzizz subscription. blog.pzizz.com


We have been awarded €2 million from the EU to further develop the Proton ecosystem


Three Reasons Why the “Nothing to Hide” Argument is Flawed

Finally! Only recently purchased a third party app to do this, but kudos to Sony for finally doing this www.macstories.net

Hands On with Sony’s PS4 Remote Play App for iOS

Clever stuff blog.halide.cam

Introducing Spectre

Finally! 😄 www.motogp.com

New apps are coming to enjoy VideoPass on TV!


Nine films that should have won best picture at the Oscars

As if we needed an excuse - but in case we do, this is a good one 😄 Blog: Why motorcycling should be available on prescription

I love Winter clouds

Bleep 100 2018. First time I’ve done this and found all the tracks (although one wasn’t the exact same edit), so well done Apple Music. Enjoy

Congrats to Dani and KTM - nice to see you’re still going to be a part of MotoGP Pedrosa signs two-year KTM test rider deal | MotoGP™

So you’re making the experience of worrying about what to watch next better? Gee, thanks Netflix!


Chinese spy chips? That’s why DEVONthink uses strong encryption

Great news 😊 feedproxy.google.com

Audible Brings its Audiobook Library to the Apple Watch

Cool to see satellite imagery on Google Maps for CarPlay - looks pretty futuristic watching it on the cars display

Wolfgang Flür at The Cluney in Newcastle. Fantastic fun 😊


We’re launching the Diet Doctor podcast!

Not the best MotoGP I’ve attended 😔

The Switch is fast becoming my favourite games console of all time www.nintendolife.com

DOOM Eternal Will Raise Hell On Nintendo Switch


Reflections on humans held captive in a carbohydrate culture

Wow. Down for 2 months, then they want $29.99 to have what we had before. Fortunately, I’ve found alternatives to Instapaper in their downtime, so farewell from me.

Why even bother? Pretty much the equivalent of zero penalty. Crazy. Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica fine is worth 15 minutes of profit — Quartz